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My Strategic Marketing Plan For Your Home
  • Enter the property into First Team's Sneak Preview System
  • Verify Your Address is Correctly Mapped on Bing & Google
  • Create Google Calendar with an Event Timeline & Share with You
  • Order Floor Plan Rendering for the MLS and Brochure
  • Notate Every Feature of the Home for Proper MLS Entry& Website Design
  • Schedule Staging Company Consultation
  • Schedule Professional Photos and Virtual Tour
  • Design and Publish Your Property Website
  • Post Ad to Craigslist
  • Get HOA Contact Info & Signage Rules
  • Make Feature & Upgrade List to attach to the MLS and Brochure
  • Make Directional/Informational Signage for Property Interior to Help with Showings
  • Order Sign Riders with a Barcode Directing Traffic to the Property Website
  • Install For Sale Sign, Lockbox, Flyer Box & Sign Rider
  • Place Flyer Stand Inside Property
  • Add Seller's Emails to MLS Tract Activity
  • Write an Emotional Property Description & Photo Descriptions
  • Design/Print Heavy Weight Glossy Property Brochures
  • Write Custom Home Feedback Questions
  • Update Supra/eKey & Program to Update Sellers of New Showings by Email
  • Generate Interest in Advance by Promoting at All Local First Team Offices
  • Hold Open House for First Team Office Agents Tuesday 10am-12pm
  • Order Termite and Home Inspection Reports at Seller's Discretion
  • Upload Every Feature of the Home to the MLS
  • Complete all MLS fields to Increase Search Exposure
  • Syndicate the Listing to 374 First Team Partner Websites
  • Post Virtual Tours on YouTube, MLS & Partner Sites
  • Submit Ads to Run in OC Register & LA Times
  • Design and Mail Just Listed Flyers to the Area
  • Post Just Listed Link to Social Media Sites
  • Collect Print Ads for You
  • Advertise Open House Dates in MLS,, Property Site &
    Partner Sites
  • Personally Invite Top Agents to the Broker Preview
  • Hold Broker Preview for Top Area Agents
  • Knock the Doors of Your Area and Invite Them to the Open House
  • Knock Potential Move-Up/Move-Down Tracts Nearby with the Flyer
  • Call through First Team Buyer Pipeline to Buyers Who Are Looking for a Home in Your Area, in the Price Range